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Telehealth consultation requests start at just $29. Received treatment for STD with discretion through our services online. No referral or insurance needed, simply provide a debit or credit card. To start, select a medical condition from the options below. Get your prescription sent to your pharmacy today.

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1. Consultation Questionnaire

Complete a quick online questionnaire from your phone or computer.

2. Review Process

Your request is assessed by our medical providers within 2 hours. We may call or email you for additional information if needed.

3. Prescriptions

Prescriptions will be sent to your designated pharmacy. If we are unable to issue a prescription your pharmacy, you will be issued a full refund.

Prompt and Efficient Access to a Licensed Medical Professional

24hr Urgent Doc provides treatment to many common medical conditions that affect millions
of Americans every day. Why wait all day in doctors office for treatment for conditions like
strep throat, sinus infections, urinary tract infections or STDs when we you can receive care
with 24hr Urgent Doc. Start by choosing a condition from our list of options and complete
the questionnaire. If we are unable to issue a treatment, we will notify you if your case is
more complicated for telehealth needs.

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Refund Policy

The service fee is non-refundable once we have issued a prescription to your pharmacy. We will only issue you a refund if the assigned provider was unable to issue a prescription to your pharmacy. Any other refund request not meeting this requirement will be considered at the discretion of our medical providers.

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